Caucasian Rugs


Caucasian rugsCaucasian rugs originate in two major rug producing areas in Central Asia are the Caucasian and Turkoman regions, which are justifiably famous for the high quality weaves of their nomadic tribes. The Caucasus is a difficult mountain area between the Caspian and Black Seas and, although the region now belongs to the USSR, it has been home to many different tribes from Turkey, Armenia and Persia, all of which have contributed to its heritage. Caucasian rugs produced in this area are strongly geometric, with figures, birds and flowers reduced to straight lines. Turkestan covers the region between the Caspian and north-western China, and the rugs made by the various Afghani, Baluchi and Beshir tribesmen all have a similar geometric style.

Caucasian rugs are appealing and simple. With their distinctive bright colors, stylized childlike figures and elaborately decorated borders,  Caucasian carpets work well in traditional and contemporary settings and are flexible enough for new or old homes. The simplicity of Caucasian rug patterns makes them easy to work with. Caucasian rugs are only available as scatter rugs: it is rare to find an example over 6x9ft. The opening of eastern Europe has made available some exciting Caucasian kilims.

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